Why should I choose pavers instead of concrete?
Pavers are by far a better product than concrete, even that they are made out of concrete too. Concrete pavers won’t crack or brake and even if they do, can just replace the broken paver in 5 min. Pavers are installed on a 4-8 inch sub base of gravel, on a base of 1 inch sand , and you can use the patio or driveway the same day.

We can do roughly 1000 sqfeet a day when we are talking driveways . So most jobs are a week job. To make the water flow in the right direction(away from the house) we install them with a 2% slope, that’s 2 inch for every 8 feet.

Pavers normally last for 20 years or more, where a slab goes from 3 years for a bad one to 10 years for a good one.

Prices starts a 8 $ a sq. ft. standard concrete paver, and all theway up to 30 $ a sq. ft. for a granite cobble stone